Wall Lining Services


Wall surfaces become easily contaminated and are often difficult to clean down and/or become unhygienic.

Some brickwork and plastered walls take heavy wear and become chipped creating cavities for bacterial growth.

If not protected, steel wall surfaces can begin to show signs of corrosion which soon spreads causing the surface to become a contamination risk.

Even tiled wall surfaces have their problems with grout lines harbouring bacteria or grout degrading leaving voids and being difficult to clean.

Various claddings are installed on battens leaving a void behind where vermin can live or bacteria can grow.


A fibreglass lining moulded directly onto the wall, seals the surface leaving a completely seamless finish. No gaps or voids behind and does not promote bacterial growth. Easy to clean down and impact resistant. Fibreglass is easy to mould around fixtures and fittings that cannot be removed.

Suitable for all industries including food production, pharmaceutical, chemical producers etc

Totally hygienic
Smooth and clean surface
Completely seamless finish
Impact resistant
Maintenance free
Guaranteed for 10 years

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