Wall Lining Services


Containment of water is a common problem facing the leisure industry and water industry.

A leak is bad news if you are in charge of maintenance or have responsibility for a swimming pool, fountain, lake, lagoon, reservoir, rill, water ride or river.

The causes of leaks are many and include:

  • Ground movement causing cracking of the containment structure.
  • Chemical and pollutant erosion of the liner.
  • UV degradation and embrittlement of the liner.
  • Puncture or continuous abrasion of the liner.
  • Force of water flow damaging the liner or containment structure (as in water rides).
  • Weathering and aging process affecting the containment structure or liner or both.


A fibreglass lining will permanently solve 99% of your leakage problems.

There really is no other choice if want a hassle free future. In almost all cases a fibreglass lining is your sound and long term solution. No other process or material has all of a fibreglass lining's advantages and properties. There are many and include:

It's chemically inert structure withstands chemical and pollutant erosion
Highly durable, seamless finish is abrasion resistant
Fibreglass's high tensile and compressive strength means it will with stand high pressure water flow and counteract earth movement and root growth

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